Advantages of the Edinburgh Business School MBA

The Edinburgh Business School MBA gathers a number of significant advantages which makes it the most successful and popular MBA in the world (Financial Times, 2013).

The advantages of the programme are:

Total Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Study from anywhere you are (at home, at work, on vacation) and move wherever you like
  • You can study online through distance learning or interchangeably on campus in Edinburgh, Dubai or Malaysia
  • Begin your studies any time you wish and progress with at your own pace
  • Choose amongst many, the module you prefer when it accommodates you
  • Attend lectures if and when you want and get online tuition and videos of the presentations / lectures
  • Choose amongst 4 exam periods, to sit examinations when you feel ready
  • Get your desired degree as fast as in 18 months or as slow as in 7 years

Highest Quality of HWU

  • One of the oldest (1821) but also most modern Universities
  • Scottish University of the Year 2011-2012 and 2012-2013
  • 9th in UK (Sunday Times, 2013) & 13th in UK (Guardian, 2015)
  • 2nd in UK in the Construction Sector (Guardian, 2015)

Professional Value of the EBS MBA

  • Syllabus and content of courses renewed every 3 years
  • Offers market oriented studies for a successful carrier
  • MBA holders are highly sought after professionals
  • 200 of the best multinationals employ EBS MBAs (Fortune 500)

International Impact

  • Offers studies in 5 modern campuses around the world
  • EBS MBA is the most popular in the world (Financial Times, 2013), around 12000 students
  • Easy access at one of the 350 examination Centres Internationally
  • EBS MBA Books and exams offered in English, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish

Affordable Studies and Flexible fee structures

  • No need to travel to the UK for studies
  • MBA fees up to 57% lower than on campus
  • Pay only as you progress


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