The Master of Business Administration is one of the most recognized degrees globally for future top management positions. The Edinburgh Business School of Heriot – Watt University offers a broad curriculum, relevant to all business areas. The large number of courses and the wide range of topics that are covered, make the MBA one the most competitive and flexible in the world giving emphasis to students in acquiring the appropriate skills in order to solve real business problems and understand how they are associated with management theory. Students follow the same curriculum, have the same privileges and can attend the same graduation ceremony as the ones studying in Edinburgh. Despite the above, students have no obligation to attend workshops or exams in Edinburgh unless they register for on campus seminars or revision sessions.
This programme is usually offered on a part – time basis and the typical duration is 24 months but because of its flexibility it provides students the opportunity to tailor the programme according to their own needs so they can decide to complete the course in a shorter or longer period of time. The ΜΒΑ of the Edinburgh Business School consists of 9 courses out of which 7 are core and two are electives. All courses are assessed by written examinations that take place 4 times a year either in Athens or Thessaloniki.

Core courses:

  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning

The choice of elective courses is done from a range of 32 available courses.

The Edinburgh Business School is part of Heriot-Watt University whose reputation has been built on sustained success in research and teaching. The University prides itself on the high quality of its provision and is committed to maintaining high standards and continually enhancing its quality in all areas. Academic standards are set and maintained in the assessment process through the approval of programmes, periodic review and the use of external examiners – independent academic peers from other institutions. The academic provision is compliant with the academic infrastructure developed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). The Edinburgh Business School is a truly international school. Particular care is given to comply with registration and quality requirements set by different authorities across the world. There are more than 13,800 Edinburgh Business School alumni – and more than 9,900 active students. The Edinburgh Business School has academic partners, like CeMS, across six continents and more than 350 exam centres. The Edinburgh Business School MBA is the largest in the world and is included in the 2011 Financial Times listing ( while over 40% of Fortune 500 companies have students on the MBA programme.
There are 5 intakes per year: September, November, January, March and June. In order to take part in one the programmes the application should be submitted at least 15 days prior to the date the course will be commencing. For the application the following will be needed:

  • Degree certificate
  • CV
  • One reference letter
  • One colour photograph
  • Completed application form

In order to obtain the application form and be given instruction on how to complete it please contact us.

There is great flexibility in the payment of fees as students are able to choose how and when they wish to proceed with their payments. Payment of the fees can be made either for individual courses or groups of courses with a reduction in the total fees. Please contact us for further information regarding fees.